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Throughout a work career that took me from recording in New York City, to designing, testing, and patenting the most efficient oil fired water heater, to a unique, international advertising department, or to creating art that has been shown in galleries in North America, Europe, and Asia, one constant has been books. Writing, reading, designing.
I wrote my first book, unfinished, when I was thirteen, after reading Lord of the Flies. The only positive thing I can say about the sixty-plus single spaced typed pages is that I must have had patience. Years later, on a family vacation to the Shakespeare Festival, Stratford, Ontario, we were stopped at the border and routinely asked if we had anything to declare. My father said, as if it were a normal thing, we did have seven typewriters with us—all five of us were writing something, and two typewriters were backups. Four hours later customs let us go on our way.
I designed and made my first real book in 1968: 7" x 6.25", hardbound, 10 pages, 9 linocuts; 12 copies. Of the many books, paintings, drawings, and photographs given to Frederick Sommer over the years, one of the few he didn't give or throw away is this book, which still remains in his library, now part of his archives.
You can see some of my art 1982-2005; hear and read about The Music of Frederick Sommer, or download the complete CD MP3 (54MB) or WMA (28MB).
I have had both good and bad experiences being published and I have self published. And as many people find out, the bad experiences can be overwhelming. I started 12on14 to focus more on book design, and doing fine art printing—helping others to realize some of their dreams and to avoid many of the pitfalls that await. I look forward to working with you,
Let me design your book. Prescott is an email away—contact!
Walton Mendelson
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