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It goes almost without saying that Adobe is the gold standard. Yes, it's expensive, and my experience is that where it was very stable in earlier version, it has it's moments now. (This may be more a problem with the OS and whatever black magic Microsoft is into, than Adobe.) But these programs are so feature rich that the little things are, well, little things. If you want the most control over your work, then the choice is simple—Adobe.

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Have you ever sent a document with lists or quotes, tables or images, only to have the recipient ask you for a Greek to English dictionary? Then you know why Acrobat is the only game in town. Quite a few companies have tried to develop a multi-platform, text and image, file format that would do what Acrobat does, but only Adobe Acrobat's PDF format delivers what it promises.
Adobe Elements 7 gives you the best of Photoshop for amateur to pro photographer. But even if you don't own a camera, Elements gives you the features you want in a graphics editing program: paint brushes, filters, styles and effects, tools to smudge, burn, dodge, sharpen blur, and control of color, hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, and so much more. Including Elements Smart Brush that paints in any of 50 special effects; and the magic Photomerge® Scene Cleaner that all but restages and reshoots that picture that got away. All in an attractive, clean, desktop that adapts to your needs.
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I have used Adobe Photoshop since 4.0. A lot has changed, but not Adobe's commitment to quality. Photoshop meets the highest standards and demands in both fine art and commercial printing. With unmatched control of everything that is an image. It's not just for photographers, but anyone editing or creating images.
Although Photoshop does nearly everything, including lots of things using vector based images, it is Adobe Illustrator that commands the highest professional respect for vector based art. It is the perfect companion application to Photoshop.
Illustrator CS4  
InDesign CS4   Once you've used Adobe's feature rich InDesign to create books, brochures, or magazines, you'll never go back to any other application. Period.
CS4 Design Standard includes Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4, Indesign CS4, and Acrobat 9 Pro. Save up to 60% over buying individual products separately. If you're a student, don't despair, Adobe has created a special pricing just for you—CS4 Design Standard Student Edition
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And there's more! Dreamweaver, Flash, After Effects, Fireworks, Soundbooth , Premier . . .


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