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Links to Selected Artists and Writers' Sites


Lissalei's Gallery Logo Lissalei is a remarkable visual artist, although she originally worked in porcelain, her work now is digital.
Alehandro Fischer Logo Alejandro Fischer Cardenas lots of variety—I like variety—good color palette.
Miguel Cárdenas Miguel Cárdenas strong, consistent, work with a little whimsy, abstract and surreal.
darvish fakhr Darvish Fakhr fun coupled with technique is impressive—and the work is both.
ROBERTA PAUL Roberta Paul striking, contemporary, work. The installation shots give a sense of the scale.
David Bottini's Logo Daniel Bottini David Bottini "realist landscape painter," I would add "elegant"
Nicolás Cárdenas Nicolás Cárdenas sculpture—the only thing wrong is that there aren't more images of his work.
Ralph Helmick's Logo Ralph Helmick contemporary sculpture at a healthy size
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Stan McQuown microphotography and gorgeous scenics.
Marcel Franquelin's Logo Marcel Franquelin not a gallery but an introduction to him as a teacher and to his student's work—bravo!
Wayne Salvatore's logo Wayne Salvatore commercial photography and great abstract painting.
  Elain Greensmith Jordan Essays of childhood, motherhood, and ministry.
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