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Books for Photoshop
These books presume a basic knowledge of Photoshop. However, real understanding and proficiency can only come with patient reading and time following the examples. The difference between Eismann and Margulis may be this: Eismann shows you how to use and master the important tools of Photoshop, whereas Margulis show you how to let Photoshop do what it does best.
Adobe Photoshop Restoration & Retouching (3rd ed.): Even if you use Photoshop to just to "tweak" your photographs, you are in the world restoration and retouching. Unlike many books that show you how to do XYZ—quick and easy—real world images aren't chosen to make easy. Eismann's approach is steadfast and complete. You won't lean how to fix only the sample image, you'll learn how to fix any image.
Photoshop Masking & Compositing: Eismann's premise is simple, almost everything you do in Photoshop involves masking, even if you never make a mask! Adjustment layers come with layer masks; a selection is a mask; working with layers is a kind of masking.
Photoshop LAB Color: Dan Margulis will introduce you to a real world Wonderland—LAB. A color space that is both utterly logical and surprisingly fantastical. You may not use LAB as often as proposed, but if you follow the examples, you'll keep it handy.
Professional Photoshop: Although Dan Margulis's approach seems opposite to Eismann's, I find them thoroughly compatible. What distinguishes Margulis from almost everyone else writing about Photoshop is that he want you to understand the world of color and how Photoshop controls or is controlled by it.
Professional Photoshop 6: A precursor to Professional Photoshop, listed above. Perhaps not as up-to-date, but if you master this, you've mastered a lot. While Photoshop has evolved since Photoshop 6, the primary concern is still color. And, you can't beat the price!
Photoshop Restoration & Retouching (2nd ed.): Although the 3rd edition, listed above, is more up-to-date, and a lot of the examples are different, the 2nd edition is invaluable, and you can get it for a lower price.
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