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Color Fastness and Wilhelm Research
With exceptions, colors fade and change. We've all seen yellowed photographs or curtains that faded in the sun. We assume that it's just sun light. Yes, the UV components in sun light are damaging. But fluorescent lights can be harmful, and, in fact, so can just time even in dark storage.

Offset lithographic inks, particularly the inks that make up red, have been been notoriously fugitive. With the proliferation of inkjet printers, which are what print-on-demand printers use, this is something that we are all effected by.

An invaluable source of information is Henry Wilhelm, Wilhelm Imaging Research. For up-to-date general and specific information regarding storage, paper and inks: wilhelm-research.com
Inkjet ink often has a noticeable color shift due to metamerism. This is something a book designer can somewhat accommodate if aware of it.
12on14 makes exhibition grade prints using the Epson 7600. We use Epson's Ultrachrome inks, which when used with a fairly wide variety of archival papers maintains color fidelity for in excess of 200 years.
A free, 758 page, PDF: The Permanence and Care of Color Photographs: Traditional and Digital Prints, Color Negatives, Slides, and Motion Pictures.
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