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Glossary of Technical Terms for Book Design and Printing
  Calender   Colorimetry  
  Calligraphy   Column  
  Camera-Ready   Column Inch  
  Cap Height   Composing Stick  
  Caps   Composition  
  Caption   Comprehensive  


  Case   Computer Font  
  Casting Off   Condensed Type  
  Centered Dot   Continuous Tone  
  Centered Head   Control Color  
  Channels   Copy (Text)  
  Chapter Heading   Copy Editor  
  Character Count   Copyfitting  
  Clothbound   Copyright  
  CMYK   Copyright Page  
  Coated Paper   Counter  
  Collating   Cover  
  Collating Mark   Crop  
  Colophon   Crop Marks  
  Color (of type)   Cross Reference  
  Color Printing   Cross-stroke  
  Color Space   Cursive (Type)  
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