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Glossary of Technical Terms for Book Design and Printing
  Dash   End Sheet  
  Deckle Edge   Engraving  
  Delete   Epigraph  
  Descender   Errata  
  Desktop Publishing   Etaoin Shrdlu  
  Diacritics   Extended  
  Die, stamping   Extract  
  Die-cutting   Face  
  Dingbat   Family  
  Display Matter   Felt Side  
  Display Type   Figure  
  Dot Gain   Film  
  Dots   Flush  
  DPI   Flush Paragraph  
  Drop Cap   Flyleaf  
  Drop Folio   Foldout  
  Dropout   Folio  
  Dummy   Font  
  Duotone   Foreword  
  Dust Wrapper   Form  
  Edition   Format  
  Editor   Foxing  
  Elite Type   Fractions  
  Ellipsis Points   French Spacing  
  Em   "From Line"  
  Emphasis   Front Matter  
  En   Frontispiece  
  End Matter   Full Binding  
      Full measure  
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