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Book Design, Research, and Writing by Walton Mendelson for:
International Advertising Campaigns, Goodyear
8.5 X 11 inches, 200 pages, 16 pages of text, 1,368 B&W images
Goodyear Advertising Campaigns montage

Book Block:


<480 hours—In the pre-Photoshop days of 1982, the 1,368 pictures had to be prepared as 200 camera-ready layout pages.
Photo Editing: 8 hours—mostly in coding the 1,368 pictures. No actual editing.
Cover: >30 hour

Book Design:



The design goal was to create an advertising campaign catalog, showing TV and print media campaigns that any of 36 international markets could use to adapt or adopt to their specific needs. Without access to video capture and digital editing software, frames were shot of each TV spot, and all 1300+ images needed to be mounted as camera-ready art. Perfect bound.
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Copyright © 1982 Goodyear International Corporation. All rights reserved.
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