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Leon Birdi, founder of Hotelbooster®, hotel and restaurant consultants, and his partner Claus Bjerregaard presented me with a challenging project: to take an unfinished manuscript, originally in Danish, with a very poor translation, and create a book to assist in their US launch. Originally, Hotelbooster® was European company, but in September, it made a North American launch.

Hotelbooster is an internationally recognized consulting firm with one focus: Hotel development and profitability. . . .We are specialists in sales, customer service, and communication. . . .Our goal is to help you realize higher revenues through increased service and improved communications. . . . We make things happen by simplifying complexity. —From Hotelbooster II

Faced with a deadline that I was unaware of until only days before, I managed to produce first a formatted but unedited book at Claus' request, a sample chapter, and finally, as contracted, a fully edited complete book. Along with it, Claus gave me a variety of web tools (downloadable pages) on a variety of techniques related to Hotelbooster II, the book itself, which required calling on years of experience working for Goodyear International's in-house advertising and marketing departments.
The essence of what Leon calls the "Hotelbooster Method" is service. Service means contact with the customer, conversation, understanding, and empathy. It means "being there 100%, 100% of the time." With tables and charts, and a simple, but ingenious, "Hotelbooster Wheel," Hotelbooster II shows how to find those points of contact and how to engage the customer. It is through exceptional service that the possibility of additional sales or at the least customer loyalty is earned.
Part of the challenge in adapting the book to the US market was recognizing words, such as "turnover," that mean something else in the UK; or words like "servicing congress" that also mean something else here.
Fortunately, I had great help from editor and friend Sandy Dugan. She was able to do the final proofreading, which, after well over 400 hours of work, was needed by my sore and bloodshot eyes.
Hotelbooster II front cover jpg
Hotelbooster II: From Booking to Departure, by Leon Birdi, www.hotelbooster.com
It was an exciting job. Best of luck to Leon Birdi, Claus Bjerregaard, Bo Anderson, Robert Macek, and Robert Wayne.
 That is what I wrote when the job was still ongoing; although I had not been paid, I had Leon Birdi's assurances in a dozen emails that I would be paid. Despite offering a 26% discount of the first bill, and trying to work with them, only 90 out of 560 hours have been paid. it appears that the Hotelbooster Method is a hoax.
HOTELBOOSTER® is a registered trademark of Salesbooster Group Aps CORPORATION DENMARK, Vejlesøvej 50 DK-2840 Holte DENMARK
Salesbooster Group North America, NORTH AMERICA, INC, 3565 Piedmont Rd NE, 1 Piedmont Center, Suite 400, 30305 Atlanta, Georgia
For large sections of the book, perhaps as much as 30%, I used Google's translation service, translation.google.com. I compared the Danish to literal English translation from Google, to the English translation sent by Leon, to understand what he meant. Translation.google.com gives a good literal, not literary, translation.
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