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Information on Book Design: Links to Tutorials
We believe that there is no such thing as too much information for what we're interested in. Although 12on14 designs books, if you are interested in book design, or what goes into designing a book, these brief tutorials will get you started. We don't discuss the basics of graphic design, but, rather, the elements of books and type that are the building blocks of the book designer. Click on the links to open the PDFs.
Type Anatomy of type and basic typographic issues for the book designer.
Proof Reader's Marks A basic list of proof reader's marks.
Color B&W, multi-color, and full color briefly explained.
Glossary 500-word glossary of book related terms.
The Book  
  Parts of a Book The basic parts of a book block: front matter, text, back matter.
  Chapters Chapter openings.
  Spreads Text spreads with running heads.
Book Design: From Type to Book: all of the above tutorials on book design in one 83-page PDF.
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