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Art and Book Design by Walton Mendelson for:
8.25 x 10.5 inches, 58 pages, 1 page text, 34 full color images. Perfect bound.
Miscellanea by Walton Mendelson--montage
Book Block:
5 hours—Faced with the involuntary demise of a 30 year collaboration, see also The Music of Frederick Sommer,* I rebuilt my portfolio and published Miscellanea. Because the art was created in photo-editing and drawing software, the individual files needed very little work to set them in place, and the book's design was very straight forward and simple.
Photo Editing: < 2 hours—all of the images were already in digital format, just needing to be resized.
Cover: 23 hours—the art was made for the cover
Book Design:
Miscellanea was designed to for print-on-demand. This meant that size limits cold not be exceeded. We were able to print a number of images across the gutter, thereby enabling the theoretical image size to approach 16 by 8 inches. The art was prepared for inkjet printing, and other than a slight color shift on the cover (due mostly to the laminating), the color held perfectly.
Let me design your book. Prescott is an email away—contact!
*The Music of Frederick Sommer: Description. Performed by Walton Mendelson and Stephen Aldrich, 20 tracks, free download: WMA 28MB, MP3 54MB "My comment is: bravo! The music stands up to the best of 20th century avant-garde composers like Philip Glass and Steve Reich," Kelly Everling, Rain Taxi Review
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