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Fine art prints by Walton Mendelson for
Thomas Moran—Interpretive ReprintsFine Art Print Portfolio
16 images, 19 sheets, 22 x 17 inches, Epson Ultra Giclée
Thomas Moran Interpretive Reprint Portfolio
After working with woodcuts and steel engravings from the mid to late nineteenth century for fifteen years, it is hard not to develop an intense love of that work, much of which is arrogantly dismissed as Salon Art and all of which is sadly disappearing. One of the consistently best artists from publication to publication is Thomas Moran. And today when so much is brought under the tent flaps of ecology, Moran should be remembered for his success at bringing the environment to popular attention.

Thomas Moran, 1837-1926, born in England, but raised in Philadelphia, is often called the father of Yellowstone, so important were his sketches, water colors, and oil paintings to persuading congress to establish the first national park in the world, Yellowstone National Park in 1872, and the National Park System in 1916. Although this work had a narrow audience, woodcuts made of his work and widely published in The Aldine, Picturesque America, Harper's, Century, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Magazine, etc., giving it popular and international awareness. Printed on poor quality paper, these images are quickly disappearing and are seldom reprinted. His style—often compared to the Hudson River School, although he did not agree with the comparison—is characterized by drama, grandeur, and competence. The original woodcuts only hint at the possibilities that the water colors and oils so richly present. Complete Text

Enlarged from approximately 10 X 6 inches to as much as 18 X 12 inches, this set of fine art prints, with the use of as many as a dozen masks per image, and a wide variety of photo-editing tools, aims to breathe into the woodcuts the sort of vitality Moran's other work shows.
This Interpretive Reprints™ portfolio showcases the unique approach, care, and expertise we bring to the fine art print. It is the perfect example of what we can bring to your work!


Approximately 18 hours per image; 365 hours for the total project.


See Thomas Moran PDF of complete set of images.
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