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Book, Booklet, Mini Book Template Test Sheet for Desktop Printers
If your printer prints edge to edge at 8 1/2 X 11, the templates will work on your printer.
If your printer prints 8 to 8 1/2 X 10 1/2 - 11, centered, the templates will work on your printer.
If you intend to have your book, booklet, or mini book, printer by a commercial printer, the templates will work.
All printers are different, and sometimes the same printer prints differently for different applications. Most printers have a preferences, settings, or options settings in their print dialog boxes. Ideally, you want to have this test page print centered with an even, minimal non-printing area around the edges (below it is dark gray).
I have printed booklets on all sorts of desktop printers, from 24 dot matrix printer, inkjet printers from $80 to $600. The only type of printer that I know will not print these templates is extra wide printers, such as my Epson 7600, which requires a non printing leading edge of about 1 inch.
If you do not know the live image area of your printer:
1) Click on the test page image or text link below.
2) Save the image (test-page-200dpi.jpg) to your computer. If your browser does not permit saving this jpg: click ZIP to download a zip file of this image.
3) Open the image in your photo editing software
4) Confirm or resize: it should be 8 1/2 X 11 at 200 dpi
5) Print the image:
  Check your printer settings to center image if possible
  Check your printer settings to make sure you are printing at 100% image size
Test Sheet jpge
If your test sheet print is centered and the live area, 8 X 10 1/2 is there, the templates will work for you.
If your test sheet print is off center, but the live area is there, the templates will work for you with some accommodation.
If your printer requires more than a 1/2" leading, non-printing, area (therefore you cannot print the full 8 X 10 1/2 inch print area) these templates will not work on your desktop printer: but they should work if you have your files printed for you at stores like Kinko's, Staples, Sir Speedy, etc. (check with the store or printer).
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