Let me design your book, restore your photos, or print your art . . .  
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Book Design Quotes from Walton Mendelson

Let me quote . . . you may be surprised. I am committed to each project, and prefer to work on one job at a time. But I don't have big city overhead, so my rates are lower than many. If you want a ball park quote, describe what you need. If you want a firm quote, read what I need below.

Book Design: Let me take your book from manuscript to finished, "camera-ready," digital files ready for printing. Studies show that we read printed mater more accurately and with better comprehension on paper than on the monitor: I will give you a digital file to review before finishing the project. And I will work with you to accommodate changes—short of major structural changes to the book—I stand by our quote.

If I use stock photos or illustrations in your project, I will let you know the cost and I will pass it on directly to you.

When your book is printed, it is "my" book too. So we share the same goal—to make your book the best it can be.

Before you send your files off to be published or printed, I will send you a comp: a one-off, handmade, bound copy. Most art and advertising agencies give the client a comprehensive layout—usually a one-off, this-is-what-you'll-get, copy. You deserve the same! And even at this stage, if you find errors, I will work with you to make things right. Email.

Art & Printing: If you want your art or photos restored or printed I can do that too! All art prints are made with Epson's UltraGiclée: archival inks on archival paper, treated with a UV coating. Once approved, I print your work just like I print mine—exhibition grade. Although I can ship your prints rolled, in extra heavy tubes, I prefer to ship flat. Let 12on14 quote. I ship UPS or FedEx. Email.

Billing: For the most part, I bill through PayPal. You do not need an account. You will receive a PayPal email invoice with links for safe, fast, online payment. I rely on PayPal's notification for receipt of payment.

Proofs: I keep our prices down by trying to avoid complications and non-payment issues. I reserve the right to imbed protections in the proofs, which, if used, will be removed upon receipt of payment.
Send us the following information for a quote. It's free!
Name, address, phone number.
Briefly tell me what you want or need.
Books: Include your complete manuscript, preferably as a Word document.
  If your book is all or mostly pictures, describe what you have and envision, and send one or more digital samples of your prints. I can scan your work if necessary.
  Describe your book briefly.
  If you are working with a publisher, tell us who; if you are working with a printer tell us what kind of printer.
  Tell us if you have italics, foreign words, special symbols, formulae, block quotes, poetry.


Send us digital samples if possible, or describe what you have or need. We can scan or shoot your work.
Prints: Tell me what you need; the type of art, type of files, and if possible send us digital samples.

The more information I have to make a quote the better. If I need additional information I will ask for it. If your project has special requirements I will let you know. My quotes are good for two months.

You can send your file(s) to me using this YouSendIt link complete instructions are included..

I do not accept every book design, art, and printing job.
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