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Word Processing and More
Free from OpenOffice.org get the virtual equal, some say "better," of Microsoft's Office. Why spend $150 to $650? Reads Word files. Even make PDFs. Do all the things Office does, text, presentations, databases, spreadsheets, drawing, formulas . . . Did I mention the price? It's free!
Photo Editing for Free
For approaching 15 years, I have been a loyal Adobe user. It has been a stable and straight forward program. Lately, with CS3, despite the vast array of tools, stability seems to be a waning feature. If you do not have Photoshop, and are curious, it's an expensive program that may not seem worth the price. Here is an alternative: PhotoPlus from Serif. Se is free. V9 is $9.99: FreeSerifSoftware.
If you want to make or write your own books—stories, picture albums, portfolios—you can do it all for free!
Readers for Adobe Acrobat and E-books

Adobe Acrobat's PDF (Portable Document Format) is the most stable, reliable, and acceptable application for document (text, text formatting, and image) exchange.


Adobe Acrobat Reader (Adober Reader 9: Acrobat on Adobe AIR)*

Every year there's a new format that will revolutionize using the computer, if not the universe. Adobe gambled on Acrobat's PDF, giving away the reader, and permitting other applications, such as Word, to transform files into PDFs. Just as CD's "will never replace vinyl," PDF's "will never catch on." They did. Now Adobe has made available its e-book reader, which reads PDF and PDF e-book files (Digital Editions). The reader is free.


Adobe Digital Editions (currently version 1.6)
(This link also links to Adobe's Digital Editions Library, which has a large number of free e-books.)




* December, 2008: there is an Acrobat 9.0 reader/writer program that comes up in searches, which in some searches says "free." This is a free trial. The cost through Adobe is $159 for an upgrade, and full from $449. Our link is to the free Acrobat reader download from Adobe.
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