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Book Design and Art Preparation by Walton Mendelson for:
Galileo Weeps: Thirty Renga & More Renga
5.9 x 8.9 inches, 112 pages, 60 text, 26 monochrome images. Paperback.
Galileo Weeps  by Gwen Stone and Julian Crowell--montage
Book Block: 13 hours—design and typesetting: each page was scanned, converted to text; each renga was optically centered.

Photo Editing:


286 hours—Gwen's stunning brush work for Galileo Weeps was done on textured paper in blacks and grays, subtly tinted with blue and soft greens. To print in B&W (keeping the costs down) and to keep the fine brush detail without picking up any paper texture required between 2 and 18 hours per image.
Cover: 2 hours—easy design

Book Design:


This collection was designed for print-on-demand. Ideally the brushwork should have been printed in tritones or full color, but the final book cost would have been prohibitive. The poetry was easily typeset, but the images could not be scanned and used because of the close tonalities between the paper texture and parts of the images.
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