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Book Design by Walton Mendelson for
Frederick Sommer, by Luiz Felizardo
9.5 x 6.5inches, 102 pages, 10 B&W photos; link to Frederick Sommer. Perfect bound.
Frederick Sommer, by Luiz Felizardo--montage
Book Block:
80 hours—8 separate text designs—text, columns, quotes, subquotes, poetry, etc.—Luiz's book is the first look into Frederick Sommer's Brasilian years. Its joy is the use of extended quotes by Fred about those years—and if the book has a fault it is that there were not a thousand more such pages. Fred was a marvelous talker and raconteur. Saying this, I know, Luiz will pull his hair in frustration because much of their conversations and all of Luiz's initial drafts were written in Portuguese.
Photo Editing: 1 hour—photos were in jpg format and required little work.
Cover: 1 hours—easy design

Book Design:


The text had a great deal of layering—commentary, extended quotes, extended sub quotes. We decided that the best way to assist the reader was to give each level of quote a distinct look. The book has a low aspect ratio enabling the various styles to stand out without ever having overly narrow columns of text. The intent, too, was to give the Frederick Sommer quotes room to breath, as if he were speaking.
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The Music of Frederick Sommer:. Performed by Walton Mendelson and Stephen Aldrcih, 20 tracks, free download: WMA 28MB, MP3 54MB and 24 page brochure
"My comment is: bravo! The music stands up to the best of 20th century avant-garde composers like Philip Glass and Steve Reich," Kelly Everling, Rain Taxi Review
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