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Tender Loving Greed
Mary Adelaide Mendelson
The book that started it all and exposed the shame and tender loving greed of the nursing home industry. But the patterns, scams, corruption, co-option, and enabling from out-to-make-a-buck owners to co-opted or fearful regulators, and an enabling Congress may explain today's problems reforming or converting out healthcare system, whether it's ObabmaCare or anything else.

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Tender Loving Greed, by Mary Adelaide Mendelson
The 1974 George C. Polk award winner is perhaps more timely today than when it was written 35 years ago. Most of the people are dead and the dollar figure are small, but a $3600 a week kickback was equal to 2 VW Beetles in 1967. People are asking "Why are our medical costs so high?" Congressmen bemoan these costs and seem as baffled as everyone else. "Why?"
The scams by nursing home operators, abetted by an enabling system with congressional committees at the top, are as shocking to read about today as they were in 1974. Perhaps more shocking: read the never before disclosed letters showing how a powerful Senator tried to have the book killed.
These behind-the-scenes glimpses will give you a clue as why our medical costs are so high. If you care, as you should, about health care, when you get through reading Tender Loving Greed, you may never vote the same again.
The 1974 edition of Tender Loving Greed, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 358pages, with 2009 Notes, pages, for $18.95
Read the Moss-Halamandaris letters.
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