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Type and Typography
Homage to Hermann Zapf
 Homage to Hermann Zapf © 2008 Walton Mendelson
Based on Hermann Zapf's magnificent Manuale Typographicum, the type is Requiem from Hoefler & Frere-Jones. Zapf was once asked what a master typesetter/typographer would do these days with computerized typesetting. Zapf said that the typesetter would keep a composing a stick and a case of type nearby, and at lunch would compose a few lines of type. I have set metal type for a small letter press, and while I do not put myself in the same league, I share his feelings for the beauty of a nicely set line of type.
TItle Pages from More's Utopia, reconstructed facsmile
Original More's Untopia Title Pages
These are two very good pages. Much of the original book shows the pencilling skills of a young child.
These pages are from a reconstructed facsimile of More's Utopia. The type is IM Fell English, a digitally reproduced type by Igino Marini, www.iginomorini.com. It is an interesting experience re-setting this digitally, knowing the limits of metal type and translating them into today's technology. Without a typeface like Mr. Marini's IM Fell English, the project would not be possible. Here are most of the glyphs in three IM Fell fonts:
IM Fell Type



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