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Photo Editing by Walton Mendelson for:
Ernie the Sailing Cat
Ernie the Sailing Cat, 8.5 by 8.5 inches, 40 pages. Paperback. Before and after:
Earnie the Sailing Cat Photo Editing

Book Block :




200 hours: The 23 photographs had to be scanned and cleaned up (dust, scratches, stains), which took most of the time, and altered. Here are a few examples, from the upper left: Although the person in the background is Polly, Daniel's wife, we felt that the image needed to be simplified, so, with apologies to Polly, she was removed as painlessly as possible. Next, the photograph was double exposed on the left and the sky was faded. Second row: Ernie was sailing into a big storm, but the photograph made it look like a sunny day—we added a much more ominous looking storm. Resolution was resting in a scenic and colorful anchorage, but the photograph made it look gray and drab. As most of us know, trying to capture a rainbow is often tricky, so we brought Photoshop to bear. The next two shots are dark and yellow. Finally, we added some water and type to the line drawing, and created the maps and sextant for Ernie to navigate by.
Editing: 4 hours editing: text had to be typed in, albeit very little, there were questions that had to be resolved.
Cover: 1 hour: the picture already existed

Book Design:


Ernie the Sailing Cat was initially designed by someone else. We wanted to keep that design while fitting the book to a different format, based on the printer's available formats.
See Memento Books. Let me design your book. Prescott is an email away—contact!
Ernie the Sailing Cat © 2007 Daniel Morgenstern. All rights reserved.
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