Let me design your book, restore your photos, or print your art . . .  
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Memento Books Designed by Walton Mendelson, 12on14
The most wondrous gift!
Whether it's your newborn, a pet, a wedding, or a vacation, a Memento Book, also called a memory book, is a special joy. You can send your pics by email, create a website, or pass your photo album around . . . but nothing compares to a beautiful, unique book of your special memories that you can give to your friends and loved ones!
Study after study has shown that the first thing people grab when they have to evacuate because of fire or flood (after children and pets) is their photo albums. Scrapbookers have taken the photo album to remarkably new levels. But did you know that most photographs fade or develop severe color shifts, even if stored in the dark (color fastness)?*
But there is a next step: have it printed and bound so you can share your cherished memories.
Let me help with the design and retouching, adding graphic elements or backgrounds, and getting your Memento Book into print.
Whether you have it printed as a print on demand (pod) book, or have it printed and bound by a local printer, or have us do the whole job, it's easy. And we work with you!
We can scan photographs and film, retouch and restore—and of course, we can work with already digitalized images. We're as close as the send button on your computer. Email. Tell us what you have and what you need.
A great example of a Memento Book is Ernie the Sailing Cat. Ernie died this year, but he lives on in a book that can be enjoyed by family, friends, and new friends. Click here to see what we did.
Memento Books: The Most Wondrous Gift!
Let me design your book. Prescott is an email away—contact!
*Many inkjet printers produce prints with a life expectancy of between 100-300 years (see Wilhelm Imaging Research) Although standard printing ink for offset lithography is notoriously fugitive, particularly magenta, this is most obvious on covers exposed to UV. Even when the pages yellow, look at thirty year-old art book, the colors are still reasonably good.
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