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Book Gallery: Links to Specific Book and Cover Designs & Information
Click on the book cover in the gallery for details: hours, work required and specific book design issues
These books represent some of the more challenging and therefore more costly design, art and production issues in our portfolio.
Most books, such as novels, take 2 to 8 hours to design, and 2 to 30 for typesetting,* and simple covers 2-16 hours
Recently designed and typeset (simple text projects):
  96 pages (short stories): 7.6 hours design & typesetting  
  202 pages (novel): 11.5 hours design & hours  
  572 pages (novel): 15.25 hours design & typesetting  
Art work, photo restoration and compositing, and editing is on an hourly basis $50 - $100 per hour depending on the project.
Not all work is accepted.
  Galileo Weeps Cover The Intruder Cover International Advertising Campaigns Miscellanea Cover    
  Frederick Sommer Cover
Metaphysics in Jars Cover
2008-2009 Wennerholm Posters
Ernie the Sailing Cat cover


Thomas Moran Interpretive Prints pages Link to Thomas Moran page
Mechanical Musical Instruments
Artificial Poetry jpeg fallacies, fables, and Fiction: a complete guide to writing your first book More's Utopia Cover The New World cover jpg
* We do not presume that all copy is perfect and ready to typeset. We check it for typographical issues: no space before punctuation, except periods in the case of ellipses, double spaces to single spaces, typographic quotation marks, double dashes for em dashes, etc. We correct for widows and rivers. We will keep italics, and advise regarding idiosyncratic spelling and type effects. All of which means we work with a printout of your manuscript, page by page. Manuscripts that require extra work or have special typographic and textual issues such as notes, indexes, a complex hierarchy of headers or paragraphs, or design issues take extra time.
See 1982-2009 Selected Images for examples of personal work.
Let me design your book. Prescott is an email away—contact!  
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