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Glossary of Technical Terms for Book Design and Printing
  Page   Quading  
  Page Proof   Quadtone  
  Pagination   Quarter Tone  
  Paper   Quarto  
  Paperback   Qwerty  
  Paragraphs   Ragged Right  
  Part Title   Ragging  
  Pasteup   Raised Cap  
  PDF   Random Dot  
  PE   Range  
  Penalty Copy   Raster Graphics  
  Perfect Binding   Rasterization  
  Permission   Raw  
  Pi   Readability  
  Pica   Ream  
  Pica Em   Recto  
  Pica Type   Reference Marks  
  Pick   Reference Matter  
  Pickup   Reflective  
  Pixel   Register  
  Plate   Register Marks  
  Png   Regular Spacing  
  Point   Reproduction Proof  
  Positive   Reverse Out  
  Preface   RGB  
  Preliminaries   River  
  Presswork   Roman  
  Print-on-Demand   Rough  
  Printer's Errors   Rule  
  Process Color   Run Back  
  Progs   Run Down  
  Proof   Run In  
  Proof Reader   Runaround  
  Proof Reader's Marks   Running Head  
  Proportional Type   Runover  
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