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Glossary of Technical Terms for Book Design and Printing
  Same Size   Slipsheet  
  Sans Serif   Small Caps  
  Scaling   Solid  
  Screen   Solidus  
  Script   Spacing  
  Secondary Text   Spanner Head  
  Serif   Spec  
  Service Bureau   Spine  
  Set   Spot Color  
  Setoff   Spot Varnish  
  Sewing   SS  
  Shadow   Staging Line  
  Sheetwise   Staining  
  Shingling   Stochastic Dot  
  Show-through   Stock  
  Side Head   Stub Column  
  Signature   Stub of a table  
  Silhouette   Style  
  Simultaneous contrast   Subhead  
  Sinkage   Subscript  
  Skew   Substance  
  Slant   Superior Figure  
  Slash   Superscript  
  Slipcase   Swash Letters  
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