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Book Design and Editing by Walton Mendelson for:
The Intruder
6 x 9 inches, 196 pages, 18 short stories with table of contents and introduction. Paperback.



The Intruder cover and layout, designed by 12/14.

Book Block:


25 hours—Done as a gift for my father who had had a stroke, I took a collection of 33 of his short stories—some previously published—selected 18 of my favorites and designed the book for him. His love of books gave me the idea of simulating an old style layout.



89 hours—because the stories were optically scanned from a heavily corrected typed manuscripts, which introduced errors, the copy had to be carefully edited. This would be considered penalty copy.
Cover: 21 hours—convincing wear and tear is difficult
Book Design:
The Intruder is a collection of short stories written in a conservative style. The design goal was to give the book the illusion of being "old" and stylish, while being a contemporary paperback. Not only was the cover made to look like worn leather, but the type and margins were intended to create the feel older books.
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