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On Formatting

Fallacies, Fables, and Fiction:

A complete guide to writing your first book
Most types of writing—novels, plays and screenplays—have very specific requirements for manuscripts. Learn them and use them. If you intend to submit your work to an agent or publisher check to see if they have a preferred manuscript format: follow it if they do. If they do not, consider these guidelines. They may seem fussy and irrelevant, given that you can do pretty good digital typesetting in most word processing programs, and that very few people use typewriters any more.
Here are samples of the 20 page formatting guides:
 formatting samples
Book Title Page
Screenplay Elements
Screenplay Title Page
Stage Play Elements
Stage Play Title Page
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To see the rest of the formatting pages and so much more, order Fallacies, Fables, and Fiction now:
Fallacies, Fables, and Fiction, 8 1/2" x 11", 132 pages, 1.5MB PDF
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